Let children watch cartoons during radiotherapy: study

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Let children watch cartoons during radiotherapy: study

London, May 8:Watching cartoons in "Sponge Bob","Cars" and "Barbie" radiotherapy sessions can make children less painful,as well as dozens of general anesthesia doses.According to research, it makes each treatment faster and more expensive.There are 215,000 new cases each year at the age of 15 worldwide.

Sixth stage of these children need treatment with radiotherapy, including brain tumors, and bone and soft tissue sarcomas such as emung sarcoma and robdodiosarcoma, researchers said.

"Radiation is very scary for children, it's a full range of machines and strange sounds, and the worst part they are alone at the time of their therapy" Cattia Aguas, Radiation Doctor, and Universiters St. Luke at Dysmithridge Belgium at Clinics.

"Before treatment, they are already through a series of tests and treatments, some of them are painful, so they do not really feel too safe or confident when they come for radiation",Aguas says.Furthermore, treatments that take an hour or more are now free from some risks associated with general anesthesia,now(when watching cartoons)takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

The research submitted to the ESTRO 36 conference in Vienna is very less concern and the children who have learned that they are going to watch videos will be very helpful.

Treatment with radiation therapy is coming for weekly treatment every four to six weeks.