Delhi court acquits 3 men in false rape case, orders action against accuser

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New Delhi, March 4 (IANS) A Delhi court has acquitted three men accused of gang rape and kidnapping, citing the misuse of law by the accuser.

Additional Sessions Judge Jagmohan Singh of Rohini Courts noted the importance of addressing false allegations sternly to maintain the sanctity of legal provisions intended to protect actual victims of rape.

The court found the testimony of the prosecutrix, the woman who accused the men, to be contradictory and unreliable, pointing out her unnatural conduct throughout the proceedings.

The accused, identified as Satish, Yogesh Gupta, and Kuldeep, were exonerated of all charges due to the lack of credible evidence supporting the accusations made against them.

The observation came during the acquittal of the three men, with a fourth accused, Satbir, having passed away during the trial.

The prosecutrix had alleged a continuous ordeal of rape and threats over a period of 12-13 days, claims that the court deemed fabricated and motivated by ulterior motives.

Furthermore, the court ordered the initiation of proceedings against the prosecutrix under Section 344 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) for providing false evidence.

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