Gujarat youth Congress slams Centre over inflation, unemployment

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Ahmedabad, Aug 13 (IANS) Gujarat Youth Congress leaders on Saturday held the BJP-led government at the Centre responsible for the ever-increasing inflation, saying it has led price rise, poverty and unemployment in the country. ?

Skyrocketing inflation is one of the serious problems facing the country.

In a release, the National Coordinator for Indian Youth Congress Youth Policy and Research Department, Muhammad Tabrez, substantiated his claims with figures. per cent He said prices increased drastically from 2017 to 2022. Milk price went up by 12 per cent to 15 per cent, rice 20 per cent, wheat 20 per cent, salt 35 per cent, tuvar dal 37 per cent, mung dal 39per cent, ?potato 43 per cent, groundnut oil 51 per cent, tomato 86 per cent , petrol 37 per cent, diesel 41 per cent, ?gas cylinder 69 per cent , CNG 70per cent have increased in price.

Due to inflation, the life of poor and middle-class people becomes difficult, he added.

Juned Patel, State Coordinator of Youth Policy and Research Department of Gujarat Youth Congress, said that due to inflation, the poor and middle-class people are suffering. Due to inflation, a big gap has been created between the rich and the poor. Poor are getting poorer, while the rich are prospering.

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