7 in 10 urban Indians support taking in Ukrainian refugees: Ipsos survey

International |  IANS  | Published : Fri, May 13, 2022, 02:31 PM

New Delhi, May 13 (IANS) A survey conducted by Ipsos to capture the response to the war in Ukraine found 7 in 10 urban Indians support taking in the Ukrainian refugees, 8 in 10 want India to avoid getting militarily involved, and 6 in 10 want India to continue diplomatic ties with Russia.

Ipsos Public Affairs is a non-partisan, objective, survey-based research practice made up of seasoned professionals.

According to a global survey by Ipsos, to capture the world's response to the war in Ukraine, urban Indians polled per se validate India's neutral stand to the conflict.

There is a high level of interest in keeping abreast of the news and 7 in 10 of urban Indians polled say they have been following the stories emerging on the conflict. 72 per cent of urban Indians polled support taking in refugees, while almost 8 in 10 (79 per cent) reject India's military involvement/ intervention in the conflict. Notably, 62 per cent of urban Indians polled support India continuing its diplomatic ties with Russia.

Conflict affects the world the most

Interestingly, urban Indians believe the ongoing conflict impacts the world the most (82 per cent), it impacts India too greatly (72 per cent), it impacts their job/ business (61 per cent) and is affecting them personally (56 per cent) and their family (52 per cent) to some extent.

For global citizens, the maximum impact they believe is to the world (82 per cent), 6 in 10 believe it affects their country with lesser impact on jobs (37 per cent), to them personally (36 per cent) and to their families (34 per cent).

"The impact is global with rising inflation. India is seeing the impact in terms of rising fuel prices, impacting household budgets," said Amit Adarkar, CEO, Ipsos India.

Ukraine-Russia War -- India's stance

72 per cent Urban Indians polled believe India should take in Ukrainian refugees, however, we should avoid getting militarily involved (79 per cent). Interestingly, global citizens too hold similar views, of giving sanctuary to Ukrainian refugees (74 per cent) but desisting from military involvement (72 per cent). Most respondents, global citizens (61 per cent) and urban Indians (74 per cent) reject providing financial aid to Ukraine, given the tough economic situation faced by most.

Though 62 per cent urban Indians want diplomatic ties with Russia to continue. Global citizens are cagey on this matter with only 38 per cent supporting it.

Indians support sanctions to end war, reject direct punitive action by India on Russia

7 in 10 Indians believe doing nothing in Ukraine will embolden Russia to take the war to the rest of Europe and Asia. Military action though will only worsen the scenario believe 77 per cent urban Indians and economic actions placed on Russia by a number of countries is an effective tactic for stopping the war believe 77 per cent of the urban Indians polled.

However, very few Indians support economic sanctions by India on Russia (only 4 in 10), banning of oil & gas imports from Russia (only 4 in 10 support), or giving weapons to Ukraine (only 38 per cent agree), funding to Ukrainian military (only 4 in 10 support) and also we see less support for sending troops to NATO or Ukraine, among Indians (about 39 per cent).

"Like most countries, India too wants the war to end between Russia and Ukraine. Nobody wants the war to spread to other countries. But the conflict is dragging on, further impacting economies and worsening inflationary conditions, to a world already reeling under the severe impact of the pandemic. Bringing the two warring countries to the negotiating table and diplomatically ending the war needs to be the endeavor. Otherwise, it could lead to worldwide recession," summed up Adarkar.

About the Study

These are the findings of a 27-country Ipsos survey conducted March 25 - April 3 among 19,000 adults aged 18-74.

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