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Whatsapp, which connects millions of people in the world through free messaging, introduced some new features in its app. To get these, you need to update their mobile app.

1.Pinned chats:

           The pin post feature on WhatsApp is currently available only for the beta users. Users with WhatsApp beta 2.17.162 or 163 versions can enjoy the feature. The feature is presently in its testing stage and will be soon available on both Android and iOS. However, as per a report coming from Android Police, this new WhatsApp feature will be initially rolled out to the Android users and later the iOS users will receive it. This is exactly how WhatsApp rolls out its new features.

We chat constantly with a lot of people in Whatsapp. There are many Watsap groups too. No matter how many people have communicated, but most of them are second and third. Vatsap was brought to the pinch chat option to make the list of things that are important. One of the three contacts is important. Press the desired chat contact and find the pin symbol on the top of the app. If you select it, that contact will appear above the chat list. The only contacts you pin are on the top of the list, however, from the number of people you receive. 

2. Two-way authentication:

                          This year, Whatsapp has brought a two-way certification option. It is in beta testing for a few months. It was successfully made available later. The two-step user verification option protects their account from being misused by someone. If you give a six-digit passcode without someone's easy access to a phone number, the app will be installed again. This feature is already implemented on Twitter, Apple, Google, and In-App Gram. 

3. TextSet feature:

                    The Snapchatification of everything has resulted in backlash for WhatsApp, prompting it to revive its text Status option while keeping its image-based replacement. The move shows how social apps must quickly react to feedback if they make a false step in modernizing to adapt to visual communication.

In mid-February, WhatsApp removed the feature that let you set an away message, and then gave the Status name to a Snapchat Stories clone. But last week, text Statuses reappeared in the Android Beta version of WhatsApp in the About section of profiles.

Again Watsap has brought the StatuS option to replace text positions earlier this year. Users can add images, videos, gifs under their statuses. If not 24 hours later it will be automatically deleted. This has resulted in criticism from many users. This brings back the old option. 

4. Video Calling

                Video Video Calling is no longer easy. Watsap was brought to the video calling symbol. In India, there are more than 5 crore video callings in a day, and Watsap claims that Indians are in the use of video calling option. Video calling and normal calling symbols appear on the top right when Chat is open with any contact in Watsap. 

5.Read messages:

This option is only for Apple smart phone users. Users using Apple IOS 10.3 version can use it. Go to Settings and activate this option.


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